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Trevor Tallman is a professional Commercial Photographer based in Central California. Trevor produces dynamic images for advertising agencies, corporations, businesses, architects and interior designers.

Trevor’s images are typically used for magazine covers, retail catalogs, web sites, marketing presentations, brochures, public relations initiatives, corporate communications and editorial purposes. They are featured in national publications, exhibitions, brochures and offices.

“My mission is to interpret the objectives of retail corporations, small businesses, architects and designers in a way that ensures that their goals are optimally realized. I aim to surprise and delight the viewer by interpreting a situation in a way you may never have considered before; accordingly each photographic assignment is approached with imagination, enthusiasm and attention to detail”.

My Goals
People are influenced by dynamic images that have a lasting impact and often tell a story. Our goal is to provide high quality photographs that not only meet each individual client’s aesthetic and budgetary requirements, but also enable the client to market the product or expertise more effectively with outstanding professional presentations and strong marketing collateral.
Trevor understands his client’s desire to be dealing with a person who is competent and dependable, predictable and focused, a team player who sees the big picture and is committed to fostering long term rewarding collaborations. Trevor’s formula to a successful business relationship is simple – ‘Fully understand the client and their goals, deliver the best work possible on budget and on time.
Trevor Tallman graduated from Brooks Institute of Photography with a BA in Commercial Photography. While he was in school he worked with some of the largest and most talented commercial photography studios in California. Trevor has over 19 years of experience shooting commercially throughout California and the United States. From South Carolina photographing professional NASCAR drivers to the mountains of California photographing outdoor lifestyle with professional talent, Trevor strives to exceed his client’s expectations.

“Photography is my passion, it’s what I am and I will never retire from it”.

Trevor is at home whether shooting in studio or on location under the most taxing conditions. He is experienced shooting in remote locations as well as urban cores. His thorough planning, professional training and experience in lighting, form, composition and camera angle of view, results in quality work and the best possible results for his clients goals.